Topics: Voting, Democracy, Election Pages: 3 (1109 words) Published: July 25, 2012
Voting helps shape your community!

I voted yesterday to have my tax dollars help support the local science museum here.

Earlier this year, I participated in a petition campaign to put our local government's spending to a vote. They were passing a indebt to my grandchildren to pay for this year's renovations of the government office buildings downtown without giving us a say in it. We got enough signatures to allow for a vote and We The People of my little city voted it down.

To make changes in higher government, begin with voting in more local governments, which affect how the larger governments act. Become united with others in your community to have a stronger voice. Support your favorite presidential person, and no, I don't care who it is, just become active!

The more YOU know, the more powerful WE become.

Voting is extremely important because it's exercising your right as an adult human being in a free country to express your opinion on issues. Every vote counts. What if everyone were to say "Oh it's not important"? We wouldn't get anywhere in the world. Please please please vote and remember those in other countries and conditions that don't have the rights you have. Because it is how we hire the people who run the country and if you don't vote then you don't get to bit ch about what they do. Politics is as important to each and every person as breathing is. Look what happened when half of the Republican party got suckered in to voting for Ross Perot. We have the politics of today!

Christ on a Crutch, not one of the main stream candidates represent the majority of the US population. What we should do is all vote Libertarian for President and shake both main stream parties to the core. Because over a million men and women have died to let you decide on things as big as who your leader will be, who speaks for you, and even things like who the sheriff of your town will be? I don't know about you, but I believe these are very important things....
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