Voting Age

Topics: Political party, Democracy, Left-wing politics Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: October 31, 2012
In a democracy country,one of the most important human rights is the right to vote. Voting is a process by which a person or a group of people expresses an opinion formally or officially.It gives citizen the chance to have a say in the way they are governed.Through voting,citizens are able to choose candidates for public office or decide on public issues or law. Everyone would agree that there has to be a minimum voting age. In Malaysia,the legal voting age is 21 but there is a general consensus mainly circled around the voting age should be lowered to 18. In my point of view,voting age in Malaysia should be left at 21 years of age.In the age of 18,young people are not mature enough. The large majority still live at home and still in full time education. They may have adult bodies, but most of them not yet formed their political views and gain sufficient knowledge about the politics of country. Proof of their immaturity can be found in their preference for single issue campaigns over the complexity of a political party. It takes life experience to understand the need for political parties and young people simply don't have this. Young people haven't developed critical thinking faculties which allow them to choose between parties. Young people are highly impressionable and are likely to be swayed by the last opinion they heard – especially if this was aired by someone attractive. . Teens need to spend more time learning about civics and understanding the political issues that affect our nation .In Malaysia, youths do not learn much at all about politics whilst in school as youths are mostly sheltered by a very strict education system.By 21,youths will be more independent and experienced,therefore more likely to be ready to make a well-formed decision to how they want their country to be run.

In addition,voting age should not to be reduced to 18 because is the responsibility for them to vote is too big. Having a broad range of opinion at elections has to be...
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