Voting and Young People

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Title: Young people and Voting

The voting system must undergo a transformation before young people become involved in elections. According to government research ( people who are 29 or under were less likely to vote than those who are in older age groups. The results of the same study also found that political interest among young people are decreasing every year. This attitude towards politics can be brought to adulthood and can affect the likelihood of voting. In order for this to change, new strategies during election must be taken. Approaches that can be initiated are, educating young people about the reasons why their vote counts, giving more responsibilities to young people in regard to voting and installing programs that focus on youth becoming politically literate.

Educating youth on the reasons why politics is essential is a very important and effective approach. The set up campaigns at school and using advertisement that are targeted to attract attention from youth will help arouse young people’s interest. Campaigns at school would be a reminder that an election is on its way and can help prompt voting. Signs can be placed throughout school that promote and show the benefits of voting for a particular runner. The media can assist in political education as well. Commercials can raise issues young people face and inform them how their vote can make a difference. Topics such as tuition or transportation would be effective, being that the vast majority of young people pay tuition and take public transit. Making sure that these approaches have young people’s interest in mind will push them to vote and help find favour in political parties.

Secondly, government officials should impose more responsibilities on young people when it comes to voting. For example, encouraging students to register to vote as they apply for post education is a...
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