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According to Election Data Services the percentage of electronic voting machines per county doubled between 1998 and 2002 to 16 percent-, yet a full replacement of the traditional voting procedure is very unlikely. In its essence, an electronic voting machine is a computer assisted self-interviewing device (CASI) giving the voter the opportunity to review and change his/her vote before submitting it. The different types of voting machines allow for different kinds of interaction, such as using a touch screen technology, using a dial wheel, touching a paper panel, or pressing a button on an LCD screen. Each machine provides feedback for blank ballots and under-voting and prevents selecting more choices than the maximum allowed. Some machines even have advanced functions such as increasing the font for visually impaired voters and/or allowing for listening of the voting options rather than reading. The common features electronic voting machines share with CASI and ACASI devices allow for theoretical and empirical predictions of the advantages and disadvantages this technology can provide. The paper presents an overview of the different types of voting machines and based on established theories and results from CASI and ACASI studies, examines and compares characteristics of the machines currently used and computer-human interaction mechanisms, their potential effects, and unexplored applications. Furthermore, possibilities such as prediction of candidates’ name order effect, already existing in the literature, and computer literacy effect on voting are discussed

1.1 The Electronic Voting Machine – An Electronic Marvel.
1.2 Description
2.1 Hardware Tools
2.2 Software Tools
4.1.Description Of BlockDiagram

5.1 Operation or Working of Project:
6.1 C code
6.2 Proteus file


1.1 The Electronic Voting Machine – An Electronic Marvel.
Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) retains all the characteristics of voting by ballot papers, while making polling a lot more expedient. Being fast and absolutely reliable, the EVM saves considerable time, money and manpower. And, of course, helps maintain total voting secrecy without the use of ballot papers. The EVM is 100 per cent tamper proof. And, at the end of the polling, just press a button and there you have the results.

1.2 Description:
Electronic voting machine has now days become an effective tool for voting. It ensures flawless voting and thus has become more widespread. It ensures people about their vote being secured. It avoids any kind of malpractice and invalid votes. Also such kind of system becomes more economical as consequent expenditure incurred on manpower is saved. It is also convenient on the part of voter, as he has to just press one key whichever belongs to his candidates. voting machines are the total combination of mechanical, electromechanical, or electronic equipment (including software, firmware, and documentation required to program control, and support equipment), that is used to define ballots; to cast and count votes; to report or display election results; and to maintain and produce any audit trail information. The first voting machines were mechanical but it is increasingly more common to use electronic voting machines.

A voting system includes the practices and associated documentation used to identify system components and versions of such components; to test the system during its development and maintenance; to maintain records of system errors or defects; to determine specific changes made

after initial certification; and to make available any materials to the voter (such as notices, instructions, forms, or paper ballots).
Traditionally, a voting machine has been defined by the mechanism the system uses to cast votes and...
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