Voting RIghts for Prisoners

Topics: Prison, Democracy, Law Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: November 5, 2013

English 101
23 October 2013
Allowing Prisoners Voting Rights
For many years, the decision to allow prisoners to vote has been a wide spread controversial issue. The controversy has been popular in the United States and the United Kingdom. When prisoners are sent to prison they are there to serve their time and they are usually stripped of all their rights and no longer contribute to a functional society. This includes the right to vote. They are convicts, but does that make it okay to take their rights entirely? Some may think yes, and some may passionately disagree. Would giving prisoners’ one basic right cause any injury to society as a whole? Legalizing voting rights to convicts would accomplish three things. First, the right to vote would encourage them to become positive participants in a civic action. Being a positive participant can build self-esteem and show convicts that they can change their lives for the good. Many criminals agree that they should lose their right to vote because they have committed a serious offense and understand that the voting privilege should be earned back. Second, participating in the political process helps convicts in their overall rehabilitation process. They learn to how to give back to society in a healthy and productive way. Some convicts even find giving back to society actually brings joy and satisfaction to their lives. Once their voting rights are returned they are less likely to want to lose them in the future. Finally, giving convicts the right to vote insures that America remains a complete democracy where every voice is heard. Americans should do all they can to allow every person the opportunity to voice their concern and desires for the country and their community. Legalizing voting rights to convicts would have three main detrimental effects on society. First, giving the right to vote seems to stand in total opposition to the idea of punishment. The punishment would not act as a...
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