Voting should be an obligation not a choice

Topics: Elections, Voting, Voter turnout Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: November 19, 2013
Voting should be an obligation not an option

Living in America gives each person individual freedom. The freedom is yours to express your own opinion and to vote. Whether or not we choose to exercise these rights is the decision that every American citizen makes. Participating in our government is the single most important power that we as Americans have. Whether it is to elect officials or to amend a law, voting is not only a necessity, but a responsibility. It is frightening how many of us today have closed ourselves off from the so-vital process of learning about candidates for office and making our voting selections based on actual information (as opposed to sound bites and attack ads) and/or not voting at all.

There are many reasons why citizens choose not to vote. The main reason to not vote is that people believe that their one vote will not matter. If you think that your one vote does not matter, you are wrong. A big difference could have been made in the 1994 election if all registered voters had voted. According to the Atlantic Monthly, the Republicans’ share of votes would have been reduced by 2.8% if all eligible or registered citizens would have voted. If that does not sound like a big difference, then maybe this will. Reducing the Republicans’ share of votes by 2.8% means that the Republicans would have lost 24 seats, which would have been 12 short of a majority.

Time is also a big factor in voting. You have to drive to the polls, stand in line, cast your ballot and then leave. 1% of registered voters went to the polls to vote and found the lines too long, so they left. Many ideas of making voting easier have been tossed around. Election Day on a Saturday may give more of an opportunity for people to vote. Some Religious groups have been against this idea since they observe the Sabbath on Saturday. Many people have wondered, “why not make Election Day a holiday?” A great cost would be at stake if this happened. People should be able...
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