Voting Speech

Topics: Elections, Democracy, Election Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: April 23, 2006
Educated voting

Author: Nathan Kyer

Good evening everyone my name is ________, and today I would like to talk about voting and the importance of being an educated voter. To start how many of you plan to vote in the next election? (Base response according to the audience)It is very important to vote. Our country, the United States of America, has been from the start, founded upon the principle of representative government and officials. It has only been within the last century that all Americans have had the right to vote and many Americans sacrificed a lot to gain this right. With this right, the government will always be accountable to the people who put them in office. However, for this accountability to work, and for our country to remain strong, we must exercise our right to vote, and we must do so responsibly. Voting responsibly is not always an easy task. The voter must first understand the issues at hand, as well as how he or she feels about these issues on a personal level. The voter must then examine each candidate that is up for election, and make an educated choice.(this is the difficult part) The voter needs to know where each candidate stands on the issues at hand, and decide what issues are most important to you as a voter and base a decision on that. Also within this, there is the human element: whether a candidate will be dedicated in serving their constituents and country, how they will handle a crisis, and if the candidate will make the right decision when new issues arise. All these factors together can make it very hard to make a decision and as a result many Americans do not vote and many who do vote do so strictly within their party. There are many reasons why people chose not to vote. Many of the times, the two major candidates have similar backgrounds, they take the same stands on issues and as a result, it seems unimportant who is elected. In addition, a majority of young people do not vote because the issues at hand are not...
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