Voting System

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Students’ Union is asked to work beyond its capacity. It would be useful to have a voting (democratic) system to ensure that the Student Council’s rulings are not lost in an overload of demands and those students ’ union workload priorities match student priorities. One of the most crucial factors for a voting system to be successful is to exhibit a Voting Protocol that can prevent opportunities for fraud or for sacrificing the voter's privacy. The Voting Protocol that will be designed and implemented for this voting system will combine the advantages of existing protocols and techniques, while at the same time it will aim at eliminating most of the identified deficiencies and problems. The voting system includes three actors: Voter, the voting system’s operator, and the administrator. Eligible voters have to register themselves, assisted by the Administrator, before the “election day”. The system ensures that only registered voters can vote and vote only once on the election’s day, and collects the cast votes and tally the results of the election. Voter privacy is somehow maintained and vote tampering is prevented in this system.

1.1. Historical background
Since the San Miguel National High School started to elect their SSG officers, they have been using manual voting system, where they have to use more time just to prepare the materials for the election. The election will start by posting the list of name of the candidates, giving the exact number of sample ballots in every class rooms, and disposing one ballot box in each class rooms. The San Miguel National High School always elect officers every 3rd week of February for every year just to ensure that there will be someone to watch the students during the vacation. 1.1.1 Organizational Chart

See Appendix A

1.1.3 Organizational Function
President-the highest-ranking member of an organization
Vice President-an official rank below a president, who can take the president’s place if necessary. Secretary-somebody elected or appointed to keep records of the meetings of an organization such as a club, society, or committee, and to write or answer letters on its behalf. Treasurer-somebody who manages the finances of an organization, usually the chief financial officers. Auditor-somebody who checks accounts or conducts an audit of an organization. PIO -somebody who make sure that the public, the media and every organization involved in the crisis are constantly informed on the progress being made to resolve the emergency at hand. Project Manager-somebody who matches available resources (time, money and people) against business project aims Sergeant at Arms-somebody appointed to keep order within an organization such as a legislative body or court of law, and to perform various other duties such as making arrest. Representatives-somebody who speaks, acts, or votes on behalf of others. 1.2 Objectives of the study

1.2.1 General objective of the study
* To create an automated voting system for San Miguel National High School, to promote student use of technology in the election process for the school’s Student Council, thus making their digital inclusion possible and viable, and to show that technology can facilitate the student participation in school life and prepare them to become conscious and responsible citizens of the greater society.

1.2.2 Specific objective of the study
* To lessen the time consume during the student council system. * To permit only eligible voters to vote and ensure that each eligible voter can vote only once. * To reduce the manual procedure of task and to prevent human error for someone to prepare the election each year. * The system should allow and assist voters to cast their votes quickly, in one session, and with minimal equipment or special skills.


This proposed system is designed to provide fast...
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