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A voting system or electoral system is a method by which voters make a choice between options, often in an election. A voting system enforces rules to ensure valid voting, and how votes are counted and aggregated to yield a final result. The word “vote” means to choose from a list, to elect or to determine. The main goal of voting is to come up with leaders of the student’s choice, in order this to happen, the voting system is needed. Voting system can help a lot in this matter. This system will serve as a guide to the proper flow of the voting event. Today, the voting system is widely known and used in almost all schools who exercise their right to vote specially in electing school officers. In voting system, a user can use his or her voting right. He/she has to be registered first in order to vote. Registration is mainly done by the administrator, for security reasons. After being registered by the administrator the voter is given a secret voter code which he/she can use to

access the system. If invalid/wrong details are submitted, then the citizen is not registered to vote and the system will not permit that person to vote.

Project Context

This project focuses on studying the current voting system and approach in Central Philippine State University –Victorias Campus. The recipients of this project are the school organizations. The proponents proposed this project in order to improve the current voting system in the said campus. They will be implementing an automated voting system of FLP-SSG in Central Philippine State University –Victorias Campus. The counting of votes will be automated as well as filling up the names of the candidate.

Purpose and Description

This project entitled “FLP-SSG Automated Voting System of CPSU –Victorias Campus” is intended to enhance the current or existing voting system of the school campus and also to develop a computerized voting system that will help them to lessen the time consumed and to

ensure safe-keeping of the information files. The project researchers and the recipient believe that the automation of the said system will help them a lot. The Election officers/staff. This automated voting system provides easy counting of vote since it is automatically counting the vote after the voters submit its form. This system can also have officials to ensure safe keeping of records. This system can also provide information that are saved if being query or needed. This will also lessen the time concern in voting event. The Student: This system will help the student to lessen the time consume in voting process. This will also provide to have an easy and smooth processing of election.


General Objective

To provide an automated system that will help the recipient to solve the problems they are encountering.

Specific Objective

It will be reviewing the existing current voting process or approach in CPSU –Victorias University Campus. It will also validate the system to ensure that only legible voters are allowed to vote and to ensure the safe keeping tracks of all records. Cases of vote miscounts shall also be solved since at the back-end of this system resides a well-developed database which can provide the correct data if needed.

Scope and Limitation


It is focused on studying the voting system of CPSU Victorias campus and to make sure that the students vote is counted, for fairness in the elective position. The system will produce less labor intensive and also less paperless works. Increasing number of voters as individuals will find it easier and more convenient to vote. It will also ensure that the members who are

registered are the only ones to vote. Improvement in voting services to the voters through fast, timely and convenient voting. It requires less number of staff during the election. Limitation


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