Voting System

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Chapter 1

Background of the Study
Human beings nowadays need to have a specific set of skills to survive in this competitive and vast world as well as to progress. This set of skills can be referred to as Education. Education is recognized as a gateway to the opportunities and benefits of economic and social development. It develops the modes of self-presentation, self-image, and social class identifications, which are the crucial ingredients of job adequacy.It is far more than mere reading, writing, and solving.  The significance of education is evident in acquiring a subject matter and basic knowledge needed to get by in our everyday life. Education is one of the most important investments a country should provide to its people and the future as it unlocks a country's potential for economic growth. Education also provides appropriate socialized economic structure which is essential in a society,and the idea of having an educational system will greatly enhance the efficiency of education in every country.

Educational System merelyhelps integrate youth into the economic system, through a structural correspondence between its social relations and those of production.In line with this, the Student Council was established as supplementary tothe adopted educational system. A Student Council is a representative structure for students, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students. It also explores the vastness of leadership and service potential of students to harness and develop them for optimum empowerment - to act as catalyst for moral and social change. The Student Council may make rules governing its meetings and the business and conduct of its affairs, but it shall consult with the Board of Management before doing so.Such rules may include the drawing up of a Constitution where a Student Council does not already have a constitution in place - it should be encouraged to draw one up. When the Student Council have drawn up their Constitution, it should be presented to the Board for formal ratification.  According to the Education Act 1998, the Board of Management of the school is responsible, for drawing up rules for the establishment of a Student Council. These rules must comply with the Department of Education and Science guidelines – Student Councils: A Voice for Students. The Board must give students a copy of the rules if students say they want to set up a Student Council.Students as well, are taught and encouraged to exercise their right of suffrage as it is implemented by every institution and the state in general. In that case, the Student Council elections have always been an annual activity for every school. It is an opportunity to choose who will be the leader that would supervise the student body and look in their welfare. The importance of this activity is to form unity and to have an edge of choosing the most deserving.It is the time the students are given a power and a voice to suggest and to choose whoever they wanted to speak on behalf of them. However, the traditional way of Student Council elections exhibits major problems in the security of votes and expenses on the materials for the casting and tallying of the votes. Class officers consumed much of their time with this activityfor theyneed to tally the votes together with their respective advisers. Malasiqui Catholic School which is located at BonifacioStreet,Malasiqui, Pangasinan is one of the various schools who are still exercising the traditional way of Student Council Election in their High School Department. The Malasiqui Catholic School (MCS) was planned to be established based on the vision of a highly spirited priest, Rev. Fr. Alfredo Cayabyab, who discovered the need of a high school that would possess Christian education and provide the maturing needs of the young individuals of the town...
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