waiting for jerusalem

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Saving the New Jerusalem
According to Eric O. Jacobsen’s article “Waiting for Jerusalem”, “claiming our cities for Christ” means: “spreading God’s word in certain geographical areas through preaching the gospel and spiritual warfare” (1). This idea of “claiming our cities for Christ” is meant to help spread the good news of the lord and keep certain cities God like. There are however three different problems to this. The first problem with this approach is that it doesn’t seem consistent with the New Testament. Choosing specific geographical locations happened more in the Old Testament than the New Testament. The second problem with “claiming our cities for Christ” is the meaning of a “city”. The city itself doesn’t experience the impact from Christ; it’s the people and individuals in the city that experience and celebrate it. The final problem with this approach is that only one city, the New Jerusalem, seems to be completely claimed with Christ. This is a big problem because God’s word shouldn’t just be focused on one certain city but multiple cities; His love should be shown to everyone. This debate of how to minister to the cities has been divided into two groups; the private Christians and the public Christians. The Private Christians goal is to convert individual souls to Christ, which will in turn hopefully change the way they perform in society. For example when dealing with people who have an alcohol problem, or who face poverty Private Christians will look at their relationship with God first. Their view on God and how to solve problems is very positive and consistent; however there are some negatives factors. One of these factors is they place more emphasis on the conversion than on the salvation of the world. Meaning they tend to worry and concentrate more on peoples individual relationships with God, than on how they can change and better the world as a whole. The second negative factor they hold is they tend to question the...

Cited: Jacobsen, Eric. “Waiting for Jerusalem”. Sidewalks in the Kingdom: New Urbanism and the Christian Faith.
Brazos Press, 2003. 1-7
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