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Topics: Film, Warner Bros., Harry Potter Pages: 4 (1204 words) Published: December 16, 2014
Dezerae Casares
Humanities 90
TTh 8:00am – 9:25
9 December, 2014
Warner Brothers Studio
A couple of days ago I took a tour in the Warner Brothers studio in Burbank, and everything was more than I expected. It was a great working studio and I got to see so many props, sets, costumes, exhibits, and even some movie stars that I personally don’t know. It was a great experience. Most of the time you are taken in a tram to see different sets and get around the studio. You were able to enter a warehouse with all types of costumes Warner Brothers created/designed and walk through it. We got to see all the different houses/towns used as sets, we went into a harry potter and batman exhibition. It was interesting learning how TV shows were filmed and made. You’d actually think all these movies/shows were filmed in their own lot because of all the background picture used to fill up the actual set they have but everything is all side by side there. The extra back ground and buildings are mostly digital and done on a green screen. They only use the most important sets like the house, a café, a school, or inside a tunnel and all of the rest of it like outside is green screened. The tour groups are small and the guides are well informed and entertaining. It was interesting to see the set fabrication and woodwork shop and prop storage areas. We were taken through all the props store where you get to see set pieces used in famous movies like Casablanca, The Hangover, and Argo. It was cool looking through all this stuff. Many things impressed me throughout the tour but I’m not a huge fan of Harry Potter or Batman and they had really interesting exhibits. In the Batman exhibit they had a show room with most of the bat-mobile vehicles, like the actual ones. They also showed every single costume that has been in all the Batman movies, even the heroes and villains that were showed in any of the movies. Also, while the time I was there they were celebrating 75 years of Batman....
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