Watch Other Is Necessary Part Of Our Society Today

Topics: Reality television, Television, The Truman Show Pages: 1 (453 words) Published: April 27, 2015
 Watch other is necessary part of our society today
As social animals, human being love to watch. From the beginning of life , when our ancestors crawled out of the water, they’re watched to survive, watched to learn, watched to love and watched to advance.. Like our ancestors, watching others has become a necessary part of society today. Watching each other has become an integral part of the way we live. Not unlike the audience of “The Truman Show” we watch, in our millions, various reality television program. Government and others watch us in the CCTV and roadside cameras. We, as individuals watch others too, from our friend, to our family. Watching is who we are as a society.

Since the invention of television, human have had the capacity to watch like ever before. Many people like to watch reality show, no matter that they watch “big brother”, or watch them cook the food like “master chef”. Reality TV to satisfy prying personal affairs of others instincts, and the reality of reality television is that as humans we enjoy this. Reality TV is built on the foundations of human emotions. In this regard, the TV reality show has successfully portrayed human emotion. There is no doubt that reality TV presents the viewers with small aspects of real life. Reality TV provides the viewers with true emotions that make human want to watch it more and more, and all of this shows that watch other is way that human like and has become a part of our life today.

Of course we been watched every time and everywhere,surveillance is unavoidable. Governments and large corporations have spread cameras, microphones and other tracking devices all across the globe, we can’t avoid it,but been surveillance also have many benefits. The first, and most obvious, advantage of mass surveillance is to reduction in crime; cameras, for instance, seem to have an effect on property crime, and secondly with perfect surveillance, we could avoid pandemics altogether. Infections would be...
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