We Were Soldiers Once and Young

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Andrew Carmona
Mr. Carlson
History 1700
30 January 2013
We Were Soldiers Once… And Young
Almost everyone you ask will tell you that the Vietnam War was one of the most gruesome and hectic of the wars that the United States has fought. We Were Soldiers was a movie about the battle of Ia Drang in Vietnam, also known as the “Valley of Death” to US soldiers. Lt. Colonel Hal Moore (played by Mel Gibson) is a hardened veteran from Korea who is given command of the 1st Battalion/ 7th Calvary regiment (almost 400 soldiers) in Vietnam. The day before, almost a fourth of the best in this company are taken from the unit to fight elsewhere. Lt. Colonel Moore and his unit ships out and arrives in Vietnam the next morning, November 1965. The first thing he sees is an American fortification is being attacked by Vietcong and he orders his men to spread out among the Landing Zone to fight them off. Soon after one unit recklessly runs after an enemy scout, and gets pinned under heavy fire on the top of the ridge above the LZ. The Military Intelligence unit estimates the enemy force to be 4,000+ strong, and well equipped to fight. They use the cover of darkness to stay out of sight and artillery strikes to keep the Vietnamese ranks at bay, despite heavy losses. The soldiers capture an enemy scout, who reveals that the LZ is right below the Northern Vietnamese Headquarters. They charge up the hill to take the base where the enemy has set up machine gun posts to annihilate any enemy to reach the top of the hill. As Moore and his men do, the Colonel sees the line and assumes a massacre will ensue, when Major Crandall rides in with his helicopter and wipes out the entire force of enemies before they get a chance to shoot. They regroup at the LZ after the battles are won and return home, dead or alive. At the end, Moore is sent out again before returning home for 235 more days in Vietnam, after which he returns safely to his family. This film is very gripping and...

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