Weapons Used In Vietnam

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Weapons Used in the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War, which lasted from 1954 to 1975, ushered in a new era of weapons, bringing forth new tactics and technology. The Vietnam War was a war located mainly in the jungles and forests of South Vietnam. The war was fought between the communist regime of North Vietnam and their counterparts in the south, the Viet Cong, and South Vietnam, who had allies like the USA, and resulted in over 3 million deaths, including over 58,000 Americans.

There were many different categories of weaponry used in Vietnam. From air, to infantry, to chemical warfare, there were many new weapons being implemented. The US and South Vietnam relied heavily on their superior air forces, using planes such as B-52 bombers and other aircrafts that dropped thousands of pounds of explosives over the North Vietnamese targets. The US and South Vietnam forces primarily used American-made weapons, North Vietnam and the Viet Cong used many weapons that were made in China and the Soviet Union.

Many other forms of weaponry were used as well, such as chemical weapons and booby-traps. The US used a variety of highly toxic herbicides and defoliants (used to remove leaves and foliage from forests for better visibility), and the Viet Cong used booby-traps such as sharpened bamboo spears or crossbows triggered by tripwires.

In the air, many aircrafts were used by the US and South Vietnam to complete low-flying bombings over South Vietnam and neighboring countries such as Laos and Cambodia to diminish suspected Communist activity. Planes like the B-52 bomber (developed by Boeing in 1940s) were excellent at bombing large areas, while smaller, more manueverable planes such as the F-4 Phantom were also used. Aircrafts were also used for transport. The Bell UH-1 helicopter, nicknamed the “Huey,” was used for transporting troops, supplies and equipment, aid with additional firepower, evacuate injured or...

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