Week 4 Apol 104

Topics: Jesus, Reason, Christianity Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: July 20, 2015
1. What are some ways the Christian gospel is perceived in our culture? Within our culture the Christian gospel can be professed as misunderstanding or even as Christians portraying themselves as being above that come from other religious backgrounds. One view that is disturbing is that Christians are known to be hypocritical by saying that they are Christian but their actions show differently. In some ways these perceptions are true as some Christians specially carnal Christians have a habit of looking at the gospel where it would benefit them rather than trying encourage others to learn about the gospel. 2. What are some specific moral reasons people may reject the Christian gospel? It is really hard for some to wrap their heads around the truth in which Jesus could be human and God at the same time. It is hard for others to believe that God can love them and save them for the fact they cannot see him. The Christian gospel is rejected by some because of martial, political or sexual reasons. In order to be a faithful follower of the Lord means you choose to follow specific ethical standard in which some individuals do not choose to live by. 3. What are some specific emotional reasons people may reject the Christian gospel? Certain individuals merely do not believe that for them to be saved all that needs to be done is for them to believe in the death and resurrection of our savior. In order to believe consist of being accompanied by a changed mind and faith. Most individuals have h really hard time believing in something that they cannot see, hear or touch. When a person is use to doing something a certain way it is really hard for them to change their way of thanking etc.

4. What are some specific intellectual reasons people may reject the Christian gospel? Most individuals are so concerned in thinking they know it all when it comes to the gospel the moment they are confronted with the reality; they are typically overwhelmed with doubt. Logical...
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