Well Informed Voter

Topics: Voting, Democracy, Elections Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Unfortunately, voters may not spend a lot of time and energy into researching the best candidates and understanding government issues. Voters should spend more time researching, watching news, reading newspaper articles on the candidates, so that they can know the candidate's ideals, motives and beliefs. That would improve the voters' point of view. If voters were informed, this country would be the perfect country.

First of all, voters should research more about their candidates because that is going to affect their lives and the things that surround them. One of the reasons why voters have to be well informed is because that can affect their economical situations such as mortgages, taxes and medical plans. Therefore, voters must watch the news and research more about their candidates, so that they know what could happen locally and nationally.

If voters don't know their candidate's beliefs or their ideals, they might need some information about their candidates. Voters' point of view must meet with the candidate's point of view, that is why you have to be a well informed voter, so the voters really know who they are voting for and what are some of the causes that are going to affect them.

If voters were actually sure who the best candidate is for this country, this country would be the perfect country. For example, if somebody really knows about the two options they can choose from, they're going to pick whoever is the best. Sometimes people just vote for the candidate that they have heard the most about. This nation needs people that reads, shares truthful information and helps each other. Well informed voters can make the change.

I think if people research, read the newspaper, watch the local and national news, and really know their candidate's motives, ideals and beliefs, they are well informed voters. The benefits of being a well informed voter are that you can know what could affect the nation and the local population. So that's why it is...
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