What Are Swing Voters And How Important Are They In US Elections

Topics: Democratic Party, Elections, President of the United States Pages: 4 (2584 words) Published: March 23, 2015
What are swing voters and how important are they in US elections?

Swing voters labelled floating in the UK and independent in the USA, swing voters are de-aligned and lack strong party identification, and their votes cannot be predicted or taken for granted. As a result, the voter's behaviour in an election is not easy to predict; the voter may cross party lines, for example, or decide to abstain from voting altogether. Many political campaigns expend a great deal of effort in trying to win the hearts and minds of swing voters, in the hopes of influencing the outcome of the election. In Presidential races in particular, swing voters are a crucial part of the electorate in so-called “battleground states,” where the election could go either way. Some common types of swing voters include conservative Democrats, who may vote Republican if they don't like the Democratic candidate, and liberal Republicans, who may choose to vote Democratic if they feel that the Republican candidate is too conservative. While these are the most well known swing voters, swing voters can be found in other parties as well, and some politicians also identify swing voters by race, gender, and socioeconomic class in addition to politics. For example, Hispanic populations are often viewed as a major factor in the swing vote. While the early 21st century demonstrated a marked shift in the direction of the Democratic Party for Hispanics in the United States, the Republican Party is well aware that many of these swing voters could be wooed back with the right candidate and policy recommendations. Political parties also focus on blocks of swing voters in particular socioeconomic classes in the hopes of expanding their voting base. Winning the swing vote is a very important aspect of a successful political campaign. In addition to helping the candidate win the election, a sweep of the swing vote can also indicate that the candidate is flexible, strong, and a valuable asset to his or her party....
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