What Do You Perceive Are Your Greatest Proffessional Challenges During Your First Year School Placements?

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What do you perceive are your greatest professional challenges during your first year school placements?

I have wanted to become a teacher from a very young age; I believe this is because I found my nursery and primary school teachers to be very inspirational and tremendous role models. They insured that all our classes were fun with the use of puppets, stories, musical instruments and drama. This kept me interested and focussed at all times and I can remember thinking, “I want to be just like Mrs Dickie when I grow up.”

After my daughters’ birth I returned to work with adults with learning difficulties. I discovered that a lot of the older adults had been institutionalised all their lives and never had the opportunity to attend school. Those more able adults were keen to learn basic literacy and numeracy skills. This was a task I took upon myself to assist them with. I found this very rewarding and the difference it made to these people’s lives was very significant, enabling them to live a more independent life. This job made me realise how much I had wanted to work in an educational environment and I decided to apply as a Learning Support Assistant to gain valuable experience and knowledge in different areas of school.

My main reason for wanting to become a teacher is because I love children and really enjoy working with them. My experiences with working with primary school age children for the past three years have been truly inspiring and rewarding, reawakening my passion to pursue a career in education further.

I have worked in a small Primary School for three years and during this time I worked with P6/7 for two years and P1 for 1 year. Throughout my time in P6/7 I built up a very productive and rewarding working relationship with two pupils. I focused on confidence building by means of small drama sessions and improvisation. Once we had established a good grounding of trust, the children felt more confident about their strengths. I...

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