What Factors Will Influence Your Choice of Leadership Styles?

Topics: Leadership, Culture, Sociology Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: July 28, 2013
(Q )What factors will influence your choice of leadership styles?
(A) there are so many factors that will influence our choice of leadership styles.
For now I will try to explain three factors that will influence a leader on his leadership
Styles. Those are personality, company calture, and team members diversity.
Personality:-  Aligning an individual's basic nature with a particular method of management is most often successful because the leader will be comfortable with it. For example, if the leader possesses a charming demeanor that draws people to him, he likely will adopt a charismatic style that develops a faithful staff desiring to please their leader. On the other hand, a person who is most comfortable following set protocols is likely to adopt a more traditional authoritative style in which he trains employees to carry out their duties in strict accordance with company policy.

Company culture:- The nature of a company's culture will influence the style of leadership.If there is a strong culture of motivated and well-trained team, the leader can apply his style easily,  The leader is there to inspire the team members and even not to spend much time overseeing. And there are also some companies that dedicated to creativity as a significant factor in their success. This culture requires a creative leader who challenges employees to think in innovative ways, express their opinions and experiment with different work methods.

team members diversity:- company is likely to employ people of different races, gender, ages and cultures. Leaders must respond to this diversity with a vision for their staff and by developing a multi-cultural approach to their work.
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