When Reality TV Gets Too Real

Topics: Reality television, Television, Television program Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: June 18, 2015
When reality TV gets too real
The text “When reality TV gets too real” is written by Jeremy W. Peters in 2007. Jeremy tells about the new episode of intervention, A&E’s documentary, that one alcoholic “Pam” is drunk and insists to drive a car buy herself but from the camera crew, no one stops her. He continuous that he thinks everyone is pushing the boundaries of showing reality on TV for winning the rating’s race. Even though they have to sometimes, confront the lawsuits, but they are still doing. He concludes that there should be a limit for how far one can go, when you are making reality TV show. Mr. Sam Mettler, Intervention’s creator says that it is not easy to show the reality on TV, sometimes he has to come forward and stop someone for hurting themselves like crack addicted or alcoholics. He adds that he can cross the line if someone is putting someone else in immediate danger, but it is very delicate balance. 161 words

Text 2: “When reality TV gets too real” is written by Jeremy W peters. The text is focusing on whether it’s the television station and the team behind the cameras that have the responsible for actions the participants may do to themselves or others such as a crime, while participating on the show. The show Intervention running on A&E is a great example of how the boundaries have been pushed. The show is about the life of those who suffer from addiction and their family. People on the edge make good television and therefore will the people behind the show push the boundaries as far as possible. Situations in these kinds of shows can get out of hand and the participants can become a danger to themselves or others. Which make them face the law …. To make a case, the accusing party must have proof that the subjects were put in danger by a situation created from the programs side. Mr. Mettler has stepped up and stopped participants from harming themselves or others. The A&E senior vice president assures that if a person...
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