Why Did the Untied Stated Lose the Vietnam War?

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Why Did the Untied Stated Lose the Vietnam War?
Vietnam has always been a land of war and strife and it was only getting worse by the time the United States forces had arrived. It started when the French had to give up the land to Japan due to France’s defeat by the Germans in 1940. When Japan had been defeated in 1945, it was clear that the Vietnamese Nationalists, led by Ho Chi Minh, wanted full independence and to not be controlled by any other country. The United States during this time was doing its best to stop/contain communism in and outside of the country. This was one of the United States’ decision points in supporting the French to help stop the growing communism in Vietnam. The United States helped the French financially and also with physical equipment but the efforts were not enough and the French ended up abandoning Indochina. After this incident the United Sates decided to completely separate the country at the 17th parallel and this act created two sides, the communist North and the Southern Rebels, which was led by Ngo Dinh Diem. The U.S. decided to put forth its efforts towards the South to try to stop and contain the communists of the north. The United States did all of this and yet still lost the war. There are a few main reasons how America lost and did not succeed and also why Vietnam continued to crumble.

At the end of the Vietnam War, it was clear who lost the war. America put in a lot of effort and even held a draft from the American people to fight this guerrilla war but towards the end of the war defeat was inevitable. “Many who believe that the United States might have succeeded in its endeavor pin the blame mainly on American policymakers. The American Leadership is sometimes said to have exaggerated the threat of Chinese intervention, in which case its decision to avoid an invasion of North Vietnam seems ill-founded” (Retrieving 309). This led to a mass majority of Americans that were not supportive of this war at all which put...
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