Why Did The US Lose The War In Vietnam

Topics: Vietnam War, Guerrilla warfare, War Pages: 1 (420 words) Published: December 7, 2014
Why did the US lose the war in Vietnam?

The US lost the war in Vietnam due to many reasons, and you may also think of this as how did the Vietcong win the war. The US didn’t lose the war just because of its own weakness, it was also due to the strengths of the Vietcong. Well one of the most obvious reasons is because of the guerilla tactics the Vietnamese people used. It gave the US armies a lot of troubles.

The guerilla tactics, the Vietcong used this kind of tactic, as this will be the best way for them to defend against the US armies. One obvious reason for this is because that they have no money while the US had the modern, high technology artilleries. What did the Vietcong do using the guerilla tactics? One of the most important hiding places is the underground tunnels, it was a place for Vietnamese soldiers to hide and store things. And there were times that the Vietnamese soldiers just ran out the tunnels to attack the US soldiers while they were trying to find their enemies. So, even though the US had more people, it was still tough for the US armies. The underground tunnels were also hard for the US bombers to find them, so it could keep the Vietcong safe. The pit traps, booby traps and mines were also one if the main key factors of the guerilla warfare. It killed and injured a lot of US soldiers when they were not paying attention.

There wasn’t actually a proper uniform for the Vietcong, they were usually wearing pleasant clothing. But this isn’t just because that the Vietcong had no money, this was also very useful against the US as the US will get confused between the Vietcong and the other innocent people since the US were there just to stop the “domino theory”. If the US soldiers killed the innocent people, they would have gone in trouble since therefore, the US civilians in the US will not be happy, and the protesting might get very serious about ending the war. This kind of uniform can also let the Vietcong hide away from the US as they...
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