Why Republicans Normally Win Presidential Elecitons

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Since every election after 1952, the Republican Party has had fewer members than the Democratic Party. Yet, Republicans have been able to win the presidential election in nine out of fourteen elections. There are three major reasons how Republicans are able to win the presidency despite of having fewer members than the Democratic Party which are, Republicans are normally an older generation, care more about elections compared to Democrats, and understand what a privilege voting is.

Of the many Republican voters, the primary amount of votes are from older citizens. Compared to Democrats, Republicans are generally old. The age difference is a huge affect on the election. College students and young people are busy with work, partying and don’t necessarily have “time” or care enough about going out to vote. Whereas, old people have time to go out and vote. To older people, voting is extremely exciting and is their own drama. Young people have to worry about homework (if they are still in College), or piles of work. The older generation may be busy too, but since they are retired they don’t have the same stress and work load. In all, older Republicans love to vote. Due to the age difference, this takes a huge poll for Democratic candidates.

Although both Republicans and Democrats generally make the same amount of money, Republicans are more willing to spend money on elections. In example, the special interest group NRA is a Republican influenced group that will spend millions of dollars in order to keep gun rights in the United States of America. The NRA feels so strongly on gun rights that they will spends any amount of money if a Democratic candidate implies that he/she will abolish all gun rights in the United States of America. In fact, many Democratic candidates dance around the question so NRA does not spend enormous amounts of money for the other candidate to win. More interest groups that are Republican based care more about their...
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