Why Secondary Schools in New Zealand Should Provide Students with Computers

Topics: High school, Internet, College Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: June 13, 2013
All secondary schools in New Zealand should provide students with computers.
Every secondary school should provide laptops to students so they do not have to bring books and carry heavy bags. Some schools already provide ipads for students to work on. They can use the internet to research helpful information. ipads also helps students with becoming more computer literate in an ever increasing computer society. The ipad is a convenient, practical computer for use in the classroom it reduces the need for papers and facilitates the accessing, sharing and gathering of information necessary for students study. Schools must keep up with what is happing in society. People use computer more and the traditional forms of communicate less in order to prepare students for life and work in today’s society, schools need to provide students with computers. Teachers are also expected to be computer equipment in class the teachers will be able to develops engaging and intersecting teaching strategies. Students also respond well technologies which involve it.

And their bags will get lighter and they do not have to bring all their books (heavy books) because instead of writing in their books the can wright in their computer. And they do not have to bring lot of pens and rulers because all the equipment you need for the writing are in the computer. And Get people to know how to use computers and improve their writing skills on the computer how to wright faster in the computer and other technology’s. And it helps them how to use internet searching very well. It makes them have fun working in the computer and it makes it easier for them to work on. And it gives them information that is up to date because books information is sometime very old and some of the information is wrong because it is not up to date.

And that is why I think that secondary schools in New Zealand should provide students with computers because it is very helpful and easier to work on and much more...
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