Why the Vietnam War Should Not Have Happened

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The Vietnam War As seen in Hearts and Minds

The documentary film, Hearts and Minds, by Peter Davis; illustrates the brutal nature and different perspectives of the people involved in the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War is considered as one of the longest and horrific wars in American history. American soldiers involved in the War have diverse reactions of their experiences and encounters during the war. The Vietnamese believed that, “Americans were evil and the Vietnamese simply were fighting merely defensively”. These factors will demonstrate how the film, Hearts and Minds, helped encourage reform during and after the War.

The Vietnam War is considered one of the longest and horrific wars in American history. The Vietnam War started in 1959 and ended in 1975. The war lasted over 16 years unofficially; many considered the war to be a continuation of the French Indochina War. The French Indochina war occurred in the 1945-1954. The major conflicts that occurred to start the war was the French controlled a large portion of Vietnam. The Vietnamese fought for decades to win their independence from the French. In southern regions of Vietnam people wanted their freedom desperately. Many groups opposed the current Vietnamese government and their policies.

Several groups emerged to seize back land and rebelled against the government and the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, which was an American formed organization use to maintain order in Vietnam. As conditions worsened and the fear of a communist state began to develop in Vietnam. To ensure that communism rule did not spread in Vietnam, civil war commenced between the South and North of Vietnam; The French controlled a large portion of Vietnam and enlisted the help of the United States to help overcome the Vietnamese conspiracies. The United States funded eight percent of the war and sent hundreds of thousands of troops to Vietnam. Approximately, fifty-eight thousand American troops lost their lives, opposed to...
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