Why Tv Gameshow Is Popular

Topics: Humour, Comedy, Humor Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Question: Why TV game shows is popular?
Today, people get lots of stress from modern living so they need to relax after work. Being tired after a long working day, they don’t want to go out so the choice of them is watching TV ,especially game shows.The success of TV game shows mainly is by the attendance of famous stars,valuable prize, sense of humor. Firstly, game shows having the performance of famous star always get a huge number of teenage viewers. Idolization becomes the trend of young generation, they cheer their idols everytime everywhere so they try to join or watch every event having the appearance of their stars like game shows. “Sing with the stars” and “Bước nhảy Hoàn Vũ” are two of the most popular TV game shows in Viet Nam just because they invite many famous stars in each performance. Secondly, Valuable prize is the second reasons why TV game shows are attractive and become popular.”Greed is a part of human nature”People consider and feel the pleasure with how to earn money easily and many game shows satisfy their wish. ” Who want to be a millionaire?” program recorded the top valuable prize that the competitor has won worth of $1000000. Another game show is “The wheel of fortune” in 2008, the contestant won the highest prize including million dollar spot and a car. They all are popular and have many versions in different countries in the world. Finally, funny, humorous game shows are another reason behind their success. People watch TV for relaxing , funny and humor game shows help them to reduce their stress so they like them.Typical game show of this type is ”Just for laugh”, their "bits" are visual gags that catch people off-guard or somehow surprise them . Its festival was launched and aired on many famous channels in the world. Game show had not succeeded like now without the attendance of famous stars,valuable prize, sense of humor. If game show TV continue develope but still can keep above norm, it will more and more...
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