Why a Multi-Party System in Pakistan?

Topics: Political party, Elections, Political parties Pages: 4 (1268 words) Published: July 31, 2013
Why a Multiparty System in Pakistan?

Political parties are the flesh and blood of political system. The strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures, pros and cons of a political structure are highly associated with the Political Party System. Giovanni Sartori suggested a method to classify the political party systems on the basis of number of effective political parties. In this way three main political party systems are defined; Uni-party system, Bi-party system and Multi-party system. Each system has its own distinct characteristics and advantages along with disadvantages. In Uni-party system a single dominating party is protected by the constitution to govern. In Bi-party system two major parties contest elections and make governments alternately and freely without the help of other. Multi-party system as Sartori defines is one where no party can guarantee an absolute majority. Governments are coalition based. Around 7 to 10 parties compete with each other and represent different interest groups. But in some countries the number may vary from tens to hundreds. In Pakistan 250 political parties are registered with Election Commission of Pakistan. Why such a big number of Political parties in a country of just 20 crore people? Why this extent of Multipartism in Pakistan? Is this the sign of healthy democracy? Why do we not have Uni-party or Bi-party system? Why Multi-party system in Pakistan? The answer to all these questions is same and its roots lie in the history of our social, political and cultural transformation. Social and Political systems are highly correlated to each other. Around the globe, diversity in social systems accounts for diverse political systems. Party system being primary ingredient of political system is deeply rooted in the cultural and social fabric of nations. People having unified cultural identity tend to possess similar ideas. Take the case of China, people have unified Confucius belief and their culture sprouts from his...
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