Winner-Takes-All System

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In the American government system today most states have adopted the “winner takes all” system. The winner takes all system is a policy implemented that causes politicians to compete to win states, which would give them electoral votes. The winner of the election is the candidate with the most electoral votes. In some cases the candidate with the highest popular vote isn’t the winner of the actual election. This can cause the system to be controversial.

I believe that the winner takes all system is the best way to have our elections. It makes the voting process much more efficient because rather than counting each individual ballet, the winner of the state receives the electoral votes. It is much easier to count the ballets state by state than try to tally up 50 states worth of votes.

The winner takes all system proportions the numbers of votes per state to the number of seats in the house and senate. This tries to make sure the highly populated states get the right amount of votes when compared to a small state.

Another way the winner takes all system is beneficial is that Presidents that have hardly won the popular vote get more reassurance when wining the electoral votes by a larger number. So all in all, I believe that the winner takes all system is the best way to run our elections. It has seemed to work so far in our government and will continue to work in the future.
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