Women's Suffrage Movement in The Bahamas

Topics: Women's suffrage, Democracy, Elections Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: November 27, 2013
Ilsha Mcphee
History Coursework
Question 1(A)

What role did the Women’s Suffrage Movement Play during the “Quiet Revolution” in the Bahamas?

Notable women such as Dame Doris Johnson, Mary Ingraham, Eugenia Lockhart, Mabel Walker and Georgianna Symonette has made countless triumphs toward the equal rights of all women in the Bahamas. In particular all of these women mentioned before were major persons in the Women’s Suffrage Movement in the Bahamas. This movement’s main purpose was to ensure that all women would have a right to practice the franchise. However, this is not the only thing that resulted in the hard work of the women apart of this movement. In fact, even the amount of times you could have voted and the men’s vote was affected positively through the efforts of the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Because of the Women’s Suffrage Movement’s Positive effects on the voting of all citizens’, we can clearly see their pivotal role in the “Quiet Revolution”.

In the mid twentieth, the Bahamas was gaining strength towards independence, both indirect and direct protesting. In the elections before 1962, women, who were more than half of the adult population, did not have the right to vote. The Progressive Liberal Party Leader, Lynden Pindling, knew that the only way to majority rule was if the women of the Bahamas were given the right to vote. The entire point of the “Quiet Revolution” was to achieve majority rule and Independence, and the Women’s Suffrage Movement had everything to do with the success of not only the P. L. P., but also the Bahamas’ Progression against both gender and racial discrimination.

The first official Women’s Suffrage movement meeting took place in 1957and within the next year had put together a 3000 signature petition requesting women’s right to vote be made a law. During this time, the request for the right for all Bahamian men over twenty one to vote was made as well. Here, we can see clearly the...
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