Women in the Church

Topics: Bible, New Testament, Old Testament Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: July 4, 2011
Women in the Church
Women, in my opinion, definitely have a place in, and can contribute in ministry in various ways. We’ll first discuss two areas of church leadership, one open to women, and one that, depending the denomination of the church, may not be open to women. First, the Elders, this title has been around since the Old Testament, but became more prominent during the New Testament period. In Exo. 3:16, God directs Moses to gather the Elders before he confronts Egypt. These Elders were probably older men who were respected in their community for their knowledge and wisdom. In the New Testament, The position of Elder is not mentioned until Acts: 11, where the Christians of Antioch are presenting the elders of Jerusalem with a financial blessing. In New Testament times the elders were involved in not just administering the Church, but also helping to teach God’s word to the people. Although it is not specifically mentioned, the position of deacon first shows itself in Acts 6, where the Apostles suggested the election of seven men who would serve the needs of the people, while freeing the Apostles to pray and deal with spiritual matters. Notice the use of the word serve here. The name deacon is from the Greek word diakonia, meaning servant. The deacon is to serve the church and be a liaison between the pastor and the congregation. The requirements for deacon are as follows; 1. Have one wife, 2.blameless, 3.not given to drinking, 4.serious, and 5.not greedy for money, 6.have the gift of servitude, 7.not double-tongued. As to whether a woman can be an elder or deacon, I am of the opinion that an elder no, but a deacon yes. The position of elder, (or pastor in some circles,) is one of leadership over and authority over the local church. Using the Genesis account of Adam, the male, being created first and given authority over everything, is my basis. Eve, the female, was created as man’s companion. This does not make the man a total dictator, but it does place...
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