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Topics: Vietnam, Battle of Dien Bien Phu, History of Vietnam Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: January 6, 2014
Women in Vietnam played a significant role in defending Vietnam during the Vietnam War from 1945 to 1975. They took roles such as village patrol guards, intelligence agents, propagandists, and military recruiters. By becoming "active participants" in the struggle to liberate their country from foreign occupation, Vietnamese women were able to free themselves from "centuries of Confucian influence that had made them second-class citizens".[2] Historically, this character and spirit of Vietnamese women were first exemplified by the conduct of the Trung sisters, the “first historical figures” in the history of Vietnam who revolted against Chinese control. This trait is also epitomized in the old Vietnamese adage: "When war comes, even women have to fight",[2] and its variation: "When the enemy is at the gate, the woman goes out fighting".[3]ALL women who served in Vietnam were volunteers, whether civilian or military. At one time there was discussion about drafting women nurses, but this was never implemented. Some women military asked to go to Vietnam, and some were sent against their wishes and even against recruiter's promises, but all were volunteers because they voluntarily signed up for the military. On this website, you can read about ALL the women who served. WELCOME HOME Women directly participated in Dien Bien Phu campaign

It was the first time Vietnamese women had served and directly took part in campaigns against a large number of enemies with modern weapons. In these campaigns, many women became fighters. Others took part in public labourers’ units to build roads, transport supplies and evacuate casualties, etc.It can be said that the women made great contributions in service, thus contributing hugely to the successes of the campaigns. President Ho Chi Minh said: "in the great struggle of our nation, women are shouldering a great responsibility."To meet the demand of the campaign, together with male public labourers, women participated in the building...
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