Women Make Better Teacher Than Men

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Women Make Better Teacher Than Men.

I do not agree with tha statement because I think that women and men are in the same level in teaching because both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.For example, women have their natural motherhood while men have their natural fatherhood. So, to build a complete family, should have cooperation each other and there is no comparison between them which one is more better than the other one.

I would not put one above the other. I had a great mixer and I do not believe it is a sexist battle which one being better than the other.Actually I think it is the other way around and the problem is women are more dominant towards the teaching than the men that   have been created as the suitable person to be head of family and the leader as any recorded in The Qoran and Hadith. It is just because the nature of men that a lot of men do not like to take on that responsibilty while most women seek for it.It depends, I have personally learned from both men and woman teachers and found both of them at best at their own.

Teachers (men or women) are the   mind maker, that he or she will convert a nobody to somebody. Men teachers have their stronger attitude,help full and the women teachers have their soft convincing help full.I am whatever I am today and this is because some men and women teachers.Thanks to all of them.

In my experience with teachers, each of them had their own methods of instituting the standardized education. I consider that my teachers give me education in many different things. For example, when you are a teacher and you ask a question for your students. The answer of the question that you asked for your students can make a change to their life because this is one of the ways of learning to learn and remember it.That is the one way of teaching that is often used by all teachers no matter whether women or men.

Being a good teacher has nothing to do with your gender, it is a shame though that more men dont see the value of teaching (particularly the younger children) as a worthwhile and rewarding career. If we want to find a reason for why one sex is better at teaching than the other then there is no problem. There are all sorts of arguments to be made.

Fortunately, teaching is done by individuals and each one brings different skills, abilities, qualities and motivation to the job. Further compounding this is that each teaching job has its own variables.I have observed that women seem to feel that they have to solve problems. In teaching, that can be a good thing but it also can lead to less independent students. If men allow their students to solve their own problems then the students are, in fact, more effective in their learning.

Women have traditionally been the mothers and housekeepers. This requires being excellent at multitasking which is an incredible asset for teachers.If nurturing attitudes are required of elementary school teachers then we might want to believe that women are better teachers. Are women more nurturing than men? That has been the traditional role but men who go into elementary school teaching are not usually "traditional men". There goes that argument.

If competitive attitudes are required of high school teachers then we might want to believe that men are better teachers. Are men more competitive than women? That has been the traditional model but women who go into high school teaching (especially math and science) are not usually "traditional women". There goes that argument.

I do not think that we are better to look by gender. I do think that the nurturing which comes more naturally to women does give us an advantage when it comes to early primary education even though seeing men teachers always keep trying to be an expert in this case and showed that men could do this sort of job.

I can not say that the one is better than the other and I sure I would not put men in second place and women in first place in...
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