Word 2010 Practical 1 Exercise

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Maths education questionnaire:
Information sheet:
The purpose of this questionnaire is to find out about your earlier educational experiences, as far as learning maths is concerned. We will use these data as material for practice in using SPSS. I will collate the responses from you all, and construct an SPSS spreadsheet. Later in the course, you will think up questions that could possibly be answered with these data (e.g. "are men more anxious about statistics than women?", or "are people who had good experiences of maths at school now less anxious about studying statistics at university?") These questions will be used as the basis for the lab-report that you have to submit for Research Skills One in week 11 of this term

Ethical issues:
Please answer each question as accurately and as honestly as you can. Your answers will remain completely anonymous. Participation in this research is entirely voluntary: you do not have to complete the questionnaire if you do not wish to, and you are free to withdraw from the study at any time should you wish to do so, without any penalty. By completing the questionnaire and returning it to Dr. Graham Hole at the end of the session, you consent to your data being entered into the SPSS spreadsheet and disseminated (in this anonymous fashion) to other students in the group.

1. Date of birth:
2. Gender: M F
3. Place of birth (town, country):
4. Which of the following best describes you (tick only one): just completed school/FE college
mature student
overseas student
other (please describe)
From Selayang

5. What was your maths GCSE grade? (If you took it more than once, please give the highest grade obtained). 6. Did you study Maths at A-level?
If the answer to (5) was "yes", please answer question 6. Otherwise move on to question 7. 7. What grade did you get?
If you studied A-levels, please answer question 7. Otherwise please move to question 8. 8. What subjects did you study for your...
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