Worksheet: Elections and Voter Turnout

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Elections and Voter Turnout Worksheet

Answer each question below in 50 to 75 words.

1. Who were the candidates for governor in your state (or state of choice) during the last election? Identify their political party affiliation. Who won the election? Governor Jerry Brown –D and Neel Kashkari -R

Governor Jerry Brown won his fourth term in 2014, he did so out of a field of 14 candidates.

2. What were the gubernatorial candidates’ platforms?

 Gov. Brown ran on a platform of wanting to complete the work he began. That included reducing the state's debt, improving the state's credit rating and protecting the funding of education and public safety. He campaigned on a platform of fiscal responsibility, citing his past work at creating a so-called rainy day fund. Brown's chief Republican challenger Neel Kashkari, a former George W. Bush Treasury Department Aid and a former Wall Street Banker, ran on a platform that Brown was out of touch with voters. That despite all of Brown's accomplishments, companies like Tesla chose to put jobs in Nevada, rather than California where the electric car was developed. He spent a week in a homeless camp in Fresno, eating at shelters and sleeping in parks to underscore the issue.

3. What was the state voter turnout in this election?

More than 2 million voters went to the polls in the gubernatorial election. That was only 30.8 percent of eligible voters. Nationwide this mid-term election was the lowest voter turnout since the 1940s, according to the PBS News hour.

4. What are three ways to improve voter turnout in the future?

There are a variety of reasons that people don't vote: Some don't because they can't get the time off to get to the polls. Others  because they are disabled or ill, some are out of town, some are barred from voting if they are convicted of a crime  and others don't like the candidates, the issues or too busy.

5. What are three ways that...
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