Worldview Assignment

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Worldview Assignment
This paper will address the definition of worldview, more specifically biblical/Christian worldview and how it answers the questions of origin, identity, purpose, morality, and destiny. It will also address the influences the biblical worldview has on how others are treated and spoken about on a daily basis as well as the impact it has on deciding on a future career by applying the Word of God as our filter. Part I

A worldview is what we know to be real and true about the world around us. The decisions and judgments we make on a daily basis are based on that worldview. The worldview encompasses every influence that we have ever seen, heard, or experienced and it affects the way we see the world and everything in it.

Part II
1. The Question of Origin asks “How did life begin?” and “How did mankind come into existence?” (Weider and Gutierrez, 64) Our biblical/Christian worldview tells us that everything exists because of God and that He is our sole creator. Genesis 1:1 provides support for this statement as does Colossians 1:15-17.

2. The Question of Identity asks “What does it mean to be a human?” and “Are humans more important than animals?” (Weider and Gutierrez, 67). Our biblical/ Christian worldview tells us that all humanity was created in the image of God and that we all have value. We can turn to Genesis 1:27 and we see that we are created in God’s image. We can also turn to Genesis 2:15 which tells us that we are created in the image of God and speaks of how we “were given the responsibility to rule over the animals and to be their caretakers” (Weider and Gutierrez, 2013, 67).

3. The Question of Meaning/Purpose asks “Why does mankind exist?” or more specifically, “Why do I exist?” (Weider and Gutierrez, 68) Our biblical/Christian worldview tells us that our purpose is to know God and establish a personal relationship with Him. John 17:3 and 1 Samuel 12:24 both encourage us to live our lives in...

Cited: Weider, Lew and Ben Gutierrez. Consider. Virginia Beach: Academx Publishing Services, 2013. Print.
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