Yellow Bell Seeds (Allamanda cathartica L.) Crude Extract as Fuel

Topics: Petroleum, Allamanda cathartica, Hydrocarbon Pages: 3 (480 words) Published: February 20, 2014
Project Proposal
I. Problem:
This study aims to determine the possibility of using yellow bell seeds crude extract as fuel. Specifically this aims to answer the following:
1. What is the effect of the Yellow Bell Seeds Crude Extract when used as fuel? 2. What is the difference between the yellow bell seeds crude extract as fuel and the commercial fuel? II. Title:
Yellow Bell Seeds (Allamanda cathartica L.) Crude Extract as Fuel III. Rationale:
Nowadays, fuels play an important role in our everyday life because they are used in homes, transport and industry for providing energy. Fuels serve as a major part of our energy requirement. They are the concentrated store of energy, which is related as heat when fuels are burnt. Fuels are combustible substances of organic origin or artificially obtained substances, which are used for producing heat and energy. So the researcher was looking into the possibility of tapping other energy sources. The researcher made this “Yellow Bell Seeds (Allamanda cathartica L.) Crude Extract as Fuel.” Yellow bell (Allamanda ca-thartica L.) is a shrub cultivated as an ornamental plant for its beautiful, yellow bell-shaped flowers. Yellow bell seeds contain triolein, tripalmitin, and stearin.

IV. Materials
1. 300 mature Yellow Bell Seeds5. Basin9. Alcohol Lamp
2. Knife6. Frying Pan
3. Strainer7. Sterilized Bottle
4. Evaporating Dish8. Mortar And Pestle
V. Procedures:
First, collect all the materials. Then, prepare all of it. To prepare the extract, gather, clean, and weigh the mature yellow bell fruits. Remove the pulps or outer coverings of the fruits to obtain the seeds. Open the shells of the seeds by means of cutting them through the center linings, thus separating the kernels or flesh from the shells. Ground the kernels by mechanical pressing, which originally contained moisture. Add water to the ground seeds. Strain the ground seeds with water using fine sieve cloth to separate the milk of the seeds....
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