Zebra: Friendship and John Wilson

Topics: Friendship, Vietnam War, The Streets Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: February 7, 2013
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February 8, 2013
Theme response to Literature

Your running, wind rushing through your hair, dogs running with you until they get tired, the whole neighborhoods' cheering you on, "Go, Zebra!" (Bloor, 49) In "Zebra", by Chaim Polok, Adam makes a new friend revealing the main theme of friendship and is best shown in Adam meeting John, Adam joining the art class, and slowly revealing the true meaning in friendship. "Zebra" shows that struggles do not really make your life messed up, some become learning experiences, that cause good changes and life lessons.

Before Adam met John he was an add normal teenage boy, he loved to be athletic and didn't have many friends. Andrea calls him "A very gloomy life form" (Bloor, 52) Everyone called him Zebra, he didn't exactly remember when he got that name but he liked it, it meant speed and he liked people knowing he was fast. Adam would go running through the neighborhood for the sheer joy of feeling the wind on his face. Then a car hits him and it changes more than his body. His spirit seems hurt the most. He severely hurt his leg and arm in the accident.

After the accident, Zebra meets John Wilson, a man who lost his arm during the Vietnam War. John Wilson makes art from things that he finds on the street. He tells the art class he teaches, "You are all going to learn how to see in a new way." (Bloor, 57) Through John Wilson's art, Zebra begins to see things in a new way. John helps him focus on things outside of himself, and Zebra finds that he is good at drawing. He helps him reach new goals.

Later Zebra draws a special picture for John Wilson. In the early fall, John Wilson sends a photo in return. The photo shows John Wilson at the Vietnam Memorial Wall, holding Zebra's drawing with another friend of John Wilson, Leon, who died in the war. "You are becoming a pleasant life form," says Andrea. That line, which ends the story made me...
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