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Deena Shoemaker
BIBL 425
August 12, 2013

In the book of Romans, Paul explains that God reveals Himself through creation. The unknown is made plain. No one can be found with an excuse for not knowing Him (1:19-20). Paul also expounds upon the ways in which Christians are to live in their relationships romantically, in fellowship with others, and in fellowship with God. Paul uses the book of Romans to tackle the huge subject of sin. Paul states that the “wages of sin is death…” (6:23). It is a serious subject, one to be studied with great caution. Paul issues a list of sins in this book. Though the list is not extensive, it is an example, an open door to the topic. Mankind’s sin is exhaustive; none is exempt from the subject. Paul illustrates that “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” (5:8). He places great emphasis on the desperate need for a savior. The purpose and need for a savior stems from the actualization that we humanity can do nothing to help themselves. The power of salvation belongs to God alone (7:10). Paul tells the story of Christ throughout the book of Romans. It is significant to note that Paul often uses the word “faith” when explaining the justification of believers and God’s righteousness. Sanctification comes through the Spirit. Romans eight talks of bondage to flesh nature and the hows of becoming freed, while nine, ten, and eleven speak of the sovereignty of God and His desire that all come to Christ and not die. Paul also speaks about how Christians should live. Perhaps it is the most detailed book in the Testaments as far as the instruction of Christian life after salvation. Chapter twelve tells us to live as a sacrifice, “holy and acceptable unto God” (12:1). Christian believers are instructed to renew their minds and thinking. This world no longer binds them. They are free through the blood of Christ. Believers are not of this...

Bibliography: Moo, Douglas J. The NIV Application Commentary Romans. Zondervan. Grand Rapids, MI (2000).
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