A Study of Feste

Topics: Stupidity, Humor, Humour Pages: 3 (898 words) Published: February 13, 2013
A Study of Feste.
There are many characters in ‘Twelfth Night’ that influence the plot of the story. Some of these characters are very witty and entertaining. Although these personalities have very enjoyable presences, the character of Feste, the courtroom fool, is perhaps the most enjoyable role in Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night.’ Feste incorporates sophisticated fun in the form of wit, puns, and clever wordplay into the scene. He adds a sense of fun due to his jocund attitude. Feste is the most enjoyable character in twelfth night due to his humor, knowledge, and hilarious wit. Often, fools are depicted as stupid, it may be argued that Feste is funny in the same way a character such as Sir Andrew is – very clueless and rather stupid. Feste, much like the average fool, may seem to have no real intelligence and it could be said he resorts to very plain, dry humor. An example of this is when Viola asks Feste if he lives by his music. He replies by saying: “No, sir, I live by the church.” (III,1,1238) However Feste often masks his high intelligence when playing fool and uses it to his advantage by playing a role which he is more than capable of. When he was talking to The Duke about good friends and enemies, Duke Orsino stated that good friends are to be praised whilst enemies should be frowned upon but Feste says the exact opposite. When asked why Feste replies that friends tend to talk about you behind your back while your enemies list your flaws and pick at them, directly to you. Feste is paid on a ‘commission’ basis. Whenever he says something witty, he gets paid. He is very intelligent because instead of doing an average job and earning a mild income. He does a job opposite of his abilities, a job that requires no intelligence whatsoever then to the surprise of many people, he surpasses that limitation. It could be said that The Fool, Feste, seems to not care for anyone at all. It appears as if he doesn’t value anyone’s feelings and doesn’t...
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