A Vibrant Hippie History

Topics: Vietnam War, 1960s, Vietnam Pages: 3 (849 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Jacqueline N
February 10, 2012
AP/ US History
Ms. Lombardi
Period 5
Colorful Hippies
To many it may seem as the glorifying symbol that describes the era of the 1960s, but to others not so much. The Hippies showed a different part of reality to us and to the world, a part that we did not know existed but that caused great harm to us. Hippies were members of a reform movement that was absolutely unnecessary to society. This is due to the reason that it caused the destruction of American principles while causing no positive effect on the nation.

The reform movement caused by the Hippies was provoked by certain events that affected the US during the sixties, as well as topics that were of great concern to them, this caused them to fight for their needs and start this harmful movement. Most importantly, in October of 1965 the draft increased to 33,000 members, thats almost eleven times more that it had been in February of 1965(History Learning 1). In addition, in May of 1965 the Hippies began showing their hatred toward the draft for the Vietnam War, by doing draft-card burnings publicly and by 1965 Congress ruled that the First Amendment did not grant people to right to do this (X Timeline 1). It is to my believe that many Hippies used the First Amendment as a simple excuse to destroy morality in the US and to cowardly restrain themselves as well as their family members from a necessary draft. In the year 1961 a group of women called Women Strike for Peace protested around the United States with more that 50,000 members with the intention of having President John F. Kennedy sign laws that gave women more equality(Helium 1). By May of 1968 the war in Vietnam had gotten worse, in one week 562 troops had been killed and atrocities against innocent children were committed in South and North Vietnam due to daily bombing raids(History Learning 1). News of the deaths occurring in combat zone were published in the Westmoreland Papers, approximately 30.4%...
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