E-Voting System

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Chapter I
Puerto Princesa City is a highly urbanized city and it was a proof of businesses, college institutions and universities growth of the area. One of these colleges is the Palawan Polytechnic College Inc. This institution established in 1979 with a number of employees and students. This college institution offers a formation of able professionals and future leaders of this country

Background of the study
The Palawan Polytechnic College Incorporated was established in 1979 to provide students with quality education through the process to contribute towards the formation of able professionals and future leaders of this country especially committed to vital contemporary issues. Moreover, the school enhances the students to achieve a dynamic intellectual, spiritual, moral and cultural life in the advent of scientific and humanistic discipline in God-fearing environment of the member of the academe. The Voting System of Palawan Polytechnic College Inc. is a crucial task during the Election period every semester because it is manual and time consuming activity. The manual voting system requires diversity of information such as Administrator, Electoral Board, Voters and censorious though to create a good electronic voting system for Palawan Polytechnic College Inc. In this situation, the institution need a voting system with no hassle and no sophisticated logic structure to reduce the manual procedure of task and to prevent human error for someone to prepare the SSC election each year. Every year when the new academic year starts, handling down this election of Student Supreme Council structure is a time consuming process. The institution is upgrading its facilities along the power of technology; like the most in demand gadget in this time, the computers. But some of the office works are still being done manually like the voting system during election. In this case the researchers were challenged to create an electronic voting system as a contribution for the institution development.

Objective of the Study
The manual operation that causes time consuming and a lot of conflict poses certain doubt on the consistency and integrity of the present manual voting system. The reliability of the present manual voting system affects the electoral board assign in this task, administrator, candidates and voters that depends upon the output result of the system. The researchers felt that though the election voting system is just part of the whole school operation, it must not hinder both the staff who is assign in making task the candidates and voters to remain dynamic and comfortable. The researchers obliged themselves to look into the present voting system operation and develop a computer program to help thus who involve in the voting system. Thus, the researchers were inspired to conduct this study, the current manual voting system operation of the Palawan Polytechnic College Inc.

Statement of the Problem
This research will attempt to propose as electronic voting system for Palawan Polytechnic College Inc. The researchers sought to find out why the manual voting system is a difficult task for the staff and other who is involve in voting procedure. What are the reasons why the manual voting system for Palawan Polytechnic College Inc. caused human error each year? What are the reasons why that this manual voting system is so time consuming process? How does manual voting system affect the electoral board candidates and voters?

Significance of the Study
This electronic voting system research shall support the Palawan Polytechnic College Inc. as an institution of technological advancement to the rest of college in Palawan. The electronic voting system is a system used to access the records on the number of voters, total votes and information about the candidates, voters and the user of the system. This system shall be advantageous to the institution. The electronic voting system will make the proprietor of...

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