E-voting: Voting and Retina Pattern

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In the era of technology, the voting machine, which is present today, is highly unsecured. Being in the age of Computers we are compromising the security by opting for Electronic voting machine because in the present electronic voting machine is not intelligent that is it cannot determine the person came for the voting is eligible or not . That mean the whole control is kept in the hand of voting in charge officer. One more risk with the present voting machine is that any body can increase the vote count, since the count is present in the machine itself. In proposed machine that is “Global Wireless E-Voting “. In this the machine is made intelligent which can determine the eligibility of the voter by scanning the eye pattern and also the vote count is not kept into the same machine itself instead of it it is store in the remote server by converting it into radio waves. Here there is no chance of increasing the vote count of machine. Even in case of damage to voting machine there will not be harm to continuity of the election process. The overall concept of “Global Wireless E-Voting “is explained.



1. Introduction

2.  Present System
2.1 What is present system ?
2.2 Disadvantages of present system

3.  Proposed System
3.1 Block Diagram     
3.2 Detailed Diagram of Voting Machine
3.3 Eye retina scanning
3.4 Interface Device
3.5 Working Of whole System       
4.   Hurdles In the Path of Implementation
4.1 security
4.2 Efficiency
4.3 Geographical Problems

5. Future Enhancements

6. Conclusion

7. References


In India election has supreme weight age. So to make it secured and efficient in the vision of modern technology we are “Global Wireless E-Voting”. Why we are looking for it?


In the existing off–fine voting method to select a candidate in the election such as presidential election , the assembly election, or local election, electorates go to the designated polling places and have to be identified to cast their votes, and finally voters cast their ballot. Of course, voters should be in advance registered on a poll book. To do so, a significant amount of time and cost are consumed by voting and counting of votes. In the mean time, the most important security issue for on-line electronic voting using touch screen or internet is to guarantee the anonymity of voter and the confidentiality of vote content. An e-voting method using a touch screen which allows a voter to select a candidate or an option displayed on a screen has advantages in that a voter can cast his vote regardless of his assigned polling place, but in this case, a voter is still required to go to a polling booth to vote. As other e-voting method, a voter does not have to go to a polling place if he uses internet and vote is permitted to internet user. But, internet-accessible terminals are always required to vote and a voter can cast a vote in the just limited place which he can access internet. Especially, private data like personal ID might be leaked in the course of accessing to the internet. This means that anonymity of electronically voting International Symposium on Electronic Commerce and Security over the internet is not satisfied. Also, confidentiality of voting might not be ensured if a candidate selection or a voting content is not encrypted. As to the e-voting status of the world, the United Kingdom has adopted the system using a touch screen for the local election and the remote voting using an internet in 2002. In April 2004. Now in a present system each and every section is given a electronic machine which stores the votes of the people how have voted for the particular candidate. Control of present system is given to the in charge officer. He only check for the eligibility of the candidates and allow for the...
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