I Like Garedns

Topics: High school, Primary education, Coffee Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: May 18, 2014
Do both exercises:




I. Match the sentences halves (the numbers and the letters): 1. She won’t pass her exams. 2. I’ll have to go to a new school. 3. She won’t start primary school. 4. I think I’ll go on holiday. 5. As soon as I get home. 6. Her parents will get her a present. a) after I finish my exams; b) if she gets good marks c) I am going to do my homework; d) unless she revises more; e) until she’s four years old; f) when my parents move to Paris;

II. Circle the correct answer:
1. He’ll study history at university if/until he gets good grades. 2. She won’t start the class as soon as/until all the pupils are quiet. 3. I’ll probably talk to my teachers before/if I choose my exam subjects. 4. We’ll have to wear a uniform when/after we go to secondary school. 5. I won’t leave early unless/if the teacher gives me permission. 6. He’ll be really disappointed if/unless he fails his exams. 7. She won’t go to secondary school until/as soon as she’s 11 years old.

III. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use Present simple or Future simple: 1. If I……… the date in my notebook, I …….it . (not write; forget) 2. …. you …… the exam again if you …… it? (take, fail) 3. Unless her marks ……. very good, she …….. she study medicine. (be; not be able to) 4. He……. home until he ……. at university. (not leave, finish) 5. Until I …… to my teacher I ………..what subjects I’m doing. (speak, not know) 6. You ……. The exam if you ………… more (not pass, not revise)

IV. Complete using a second ot third conditional:
1. Luke missed the train. He was late for the interview. If Luke hadn’t missed the train… 2. Ann drinks too much coffee. She sleeps badly at night. If she didn’t drink so much coffee… 3. Mary didn’t buy the jacket. She didn’t have enough money. She would have bough the jacket if ….. 4. It started snowing. We didn’t reach to the top of the mountain. If it hadn’t started snowing…. 5. Matt doesn’t speak...
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