What drives them to learn about Islam?

Indonesia Has the largest Muslim population today
India Is the world’s largest Muslim minority nation
Egypt Conquest and rescue
Andalusia The center of world civilization

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Has the largest Muslim population today

Indonesia is the country with the largest number of Muslims, with more than 250 million citizens, out of which Muslims comprise 87% of the population. Islam entered Indonesia in the sixth century AH by virtue of the good morals of Muslim traders. Not a single army reached there; in fact, Indonesia only experienced bloodshed after the arrival of the Portuguese and Dutch armies, followed by English colonialists. Muslims have remained firm upon their religion through the centuries because they embraced it by choice and conviction. In Indonesia today, there are thousands of Islamic institutes in which tens and thousands of male and female students study.

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Is the world’s largest Muslim minority nation

Muslims ruled the Indian subcontinent for almost a thousand years. They granted the right to freedom of worship for people of all religions. Muslims lifted the injustice off the oppressed religions, and historians concede that Islam did not spread there by force. All religions and temples remained as they were. Today, there are approximately 189 million Muslims in India

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Conquest and rescue

Muslims ruled Egypt from the beginning of Islam when it was opened by Amr bin Al-‘Aas, one of the Companions of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Not only did Islam safeguard the religion and sanctities of the people, it also saved them from the persecution, torture and deprivation practiced by the Romans against them due to doctrinal differences, despite being upon the same religion. The Copts were given freedom to practice their religion and to worship; today the population of Copts exceeds 5 million.

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The center of world civilization

Muslims ruled Andalusia (Spain) for 781 years from 711 to 1492 CE and made Andalusia the center of the civilized world. They did not force a single Christian to convert to Islam. Rather, Muslims preserved their rights, promoted their trade and granted them positions in the state. Muslims lifted the injustice perpetrated against the Jews before the Islamic conquest. In contrast, when Isabella and Ferdinand defeated the Muslims in Spain, all aspects of Islam were banned, and the Inquisition was set up to punish those who were proven to have remained upon Islam, even in secret! 

Muslims were expelled from their homes, but what was noteworthy is that the Jews were expelled as well, and they accompanied the Muslims to Islamic countries where they found a safe haven and a decent life.


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